15 Vastu tips for prosperity and positive energy in your home

Have you ever imagined living in a non-materialistic world? Well, if that were real, it would have been the perfect place to live. But, money is an essential part of our lives. If you are struggling to maintain it, you should read through these incredible Vastu tips to fill your house with positive energy and prosperity.

1. Keep your house well organized

Keep your home clean, neat, and free of clutter and unnecessary household goods, according to Vastu. Ensure it is simply organizable and easy to the eye. The energy that flows through your home is responsible for how you handle your relationships, health, and finances. So keep the central space in your living room clear of clutter. Maintain the cleanliness of your windows and doors, as well as your drawers.

2. Deal with leakages as soon as possible

Water leaks in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the outdoor garden area, according to Vastu Shastra, are symbolic of money leaking and represent financial loss. Considering this is a must, especially during the monsoon season. Water leaks from the walls or a broken pipeline within the home must be resolved as soon as possible. Because they can cause significant financial loss.

3. Decorate the main entrance

Decorate your main or entrance door uniquely so that prosperity and wealth can easily find you. Decorate your house’s name and number plate as well. Maintain a well-lit and colourful environment in this area.

4. The Money plant effect

Money plants, which can also be kept indoors, bring prosperity and good fortune to your home. According to Vastu, Placing a money plant in a green vase in the north direction attracts money and better career opportunities. A bamboo plant, a painting of a dense forest, or a lush green field can all bring plenty and wealth.

5. Feed the birds

Feeding water and grains to birds in your plot’s yard attracts positive energy and wealth. Birds represent harmony, wealth, and joy. Keep a bird feeder in your yard or balcony and fill it with water and grains to attract wealth and positive energy.

6 Prefer Purple.

Purple, according to Vastu, represents wealth. Purple plants, such as Orchids, and purple-coloured pots, bring a lot of positivity into the home. Purple is associated with wealth. So, keep a purple-coloured plant in your home.

7. Avoid high rise buildings

Avoid any high-rise buildings, temples, or other structures in front of your plot or home, as this will result in a loss of wealth. If there are high-rise buildings and temples nearby, make certain that their shadow does not fall on your home or plot.

8. Keep an eye on the clocks

Clocks, according to Vastu, are devices that energise a direction. Check that all the clocks in your home are in working order. Slow or non-functional clocks are said to represent delays or stagnation in your finances. According to Vastu, orienting clocks to the north or northeast will bring wealth and prosperity.

9. Right place, right colours

Colours can influence our moods. This is a fact. Colour, according to Vastu, also plays a role in increasing energy in a specific direction. Because it is associated with God. The northeast direction is the most pious direction in a house. As a result, generating positive energy in this area will lead to an increase in wealth, health, and prosperity.

10. Go green

If you have a garden in your home, include a money plant because it will bring prosperity into your home. To maximise the plant’s effect, it should be placed in a green planter or pot. If your home does not have enough space for a garden, try to include a painting of lush greenery. Whether it’s paddy fields or a forest, in the northern section of your home. This will have an impact on the prosperity of the household.

11. Open central area

According to Vastu shastra, the most auspicious zone in your home is the centre. As a result, it is critical to keep it clutter-free. Make sure there is no obstruction in this area, whether it is a loadbearing column or a decorative pillar.

12. Give attention to the kitchen

Keeping your kitchen neat and organised, in addition to choosing the right Vastu colours for your home. It can make your home healthy and wealthy. A clean kitchen promotes the flow of positive energy throughout the home and prevents negative energy from entering. This harmony in the environment is also responsible for a consistent flow of income.

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13. Place your lockers in the southwest corner

Place your lockers or safes in the southwest corner of your home if you want financial abundance in your life. This area represents the earth element, which ensures stability. Furthermore, your house’s locker should never open in the west or south directions. Ignoring this can result in a significant outflow of funds.

14. Cleanliness of the glass panels

Although doors and windows bring in natural light and fresh air, they also help to boost the positive energy in the room. As a result, it is crucial to keep the glass panes on doors and windows sparkling clean at all times. As dirt and stains on the glass can hinder the free flow of money into your home.

15. Space for water bodies

Giving water bodies, such as fountains or aquariums, a place in your home can be very auspicious. To increase the flow of wealth, position these things in the northeast corner of the building. Keep in mind that the cleanliness and flow of the water are essential considerations that should be tested and managed. Ignoring these can lead to financial setbacks.

Top 8 Small Modular Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Kitchens are the centre of attraction of the house and it’s the place where practicality is also needed with good looks obviously and that is what is known as modern modular kitchens.

Having a modular kitchen in your place is a trend in cities now. But there is one thing that comes as a challenge in metro cities which is the space. A person wants much out of a given space with good looks and here the concept of designer and the small modular kitchen comes and this is what Team Optus is specialized in.

So, we would like to share the various small modular kitchen design and their ideas

1. A Place for Everything:

When it comes to bringing out the most of a given space there is one thing a designer focuses on is to give a place for everything.

You must have come across this feature while looking at a modular kitchen. For example, there is a special place for your different bottles known as a bottle pull-out likewise a special place for your cutlery and your dishes, etc.

2. Multiple and Small Cabinets:

Since our one of the main objective is to utilize every corner of the given space, we add up cabinets at all available empty spaces of the kitchen some of which might be smaller in size because the priority here is to get more space. One can go for designs like this:

3. Dual- Tone Kitchens:

If you like colors more than the basis then Dual Tone kitchens will give you a good vibe while making up your favourite dish. By using the right tones together with some designer touch your modular kitchen will come out with an eye-appealing look.

4. Solid White Colour Cabinets:

The most preferable small modular kitchen design and ideas are going for one solid color mostly complete white. The reason is really simple, this color gives you a rich outlook and your given space also looks much bigger with light tone colors like white.

5. Glossy and Mirror Finish Kitchen:

Glossy and Mirror finish cabinets are one of the smartest ideas while designing a modular kitchen for small space. Why? It will give you a forever new feeling with just a little cleanup and because of its light reflection nature, it will attract a lot of eyes towards it.

6.Thin Stone Counters:

The trend of bold and bulky things is long gone and now people are leaning more towards thin and sleek-looking things. Using a thin stone not only makes your modular kitchen look more attractive but it will also make it look less bulky.

For insistence, you can see in the picture below how attractive it looks and according to our expert designers, it is a modern approach for your small modular kitchen designs and ideas.

7. Electric Hobs:

Using an electric hob instead of using a standard cooktop can also help you save a lot of unnecessary space. Not only it will increase the beauty of the kitchen counter but will also make it more practical.

For extra beauty just put a small house plant along to it. 🙂

8. Microwave Rack:

Have you ever thought that how much space can be saved by just putting your microwave on a dedicated counter? It saves a lot and now you got that extra space in that corner of your modular kitchen.

When you have the right designing skills and the ability to make anything beautiful and attractive then any space can be utilized well enough regardless of its size. Just take it as a creative challenge and pour your skills into it.

At Optus Interiors we follow a methodology of Less Space – More Home so for more small modular kitchen designs and ideas, reach out to designers at Optus Interiors.

Top 3 Interior Designing Trends in 2021

Modern and aesthetically pleasing home is one of the famous cultures we can see in urban cities. The need for a professional interior designer has increased a lot as they can help you make over a place and makes the best out of it.

So, in this article, I’ll be showing you the latest interior designing trends in 2021 which you can choose while building your dream home.

1. Round and Curvy Shape Furniture:

This is an old interior designing trend that is coming back again with modern changes which are curvy shapes. Lines and curves are one of the factors of a perfect home interior and they make the feel of the house more pleasing and help engage talking.

While looking for the latest interior design ideas you will come around with the round and curved sofas as they have a class of their own and are preferred by many.

2. Designer Wallpapers:

Wallpapers are something that is evergreen and their demand is always there in the market. There comes a lot of variety when it comes to wallpapers like:

•           Floral Wallpapers

•           3D Wallpapers

•           Custom Design Wallpapers

•           Etc.

The most preferable and are widely seen are floral wallpapers. They add up a wow factor to any wall with an appeal for vibrant and contrasting colors and the best thing about wallpapers is that they are not that costly and are highly attractive.

3. Office Home:

After the impact of the pandemic, the work from home culture has increased a lot, every other company is encouraging it so the need for office space in your home has increased too.

Now owning a home office feels luxurious and with the right creativity and some art, you can create a home office anywhere in your place. Your guest room or a small corner in your bedroom area can be converted into a comfortable workspace with just some tweaks.


The culture of interior designing is now increasing a lot and there is no defined limit when it comes to making a perfect home interior. It depends upon you what kind of design you prefer and what’s your taste in colors.

This article is written by Optus Interiors – the interior designer in greater noida. They are in this field for 26 years and are delivering satisfaction since then.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

When you buy your dream home you must have many ideas and concepts to design and decorate each and every corner. A home must be welcoming and lively. Sometimes if you walk through your friend’s home you feel positive vibes and eye-soothing decor.

All these can be possible in your dream home too if you hire the right interior designer.

A good interior designer plays with their creativity and can convert your ideas and concepts into reality and make your space comfortable and alluring.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

1. Well utilization of spaces for maximum functionality

If your house does not have a proper interior designing then it might be that your total space is not utilized well or poorly structured. A smart designer not only beautifies your home but also utilized each and every corner of your space to make your home look good and feel comfortable.

2. Cost Friendly

Since interior designers work with various projects so they have a good connection with material suppliers. For bulk supplies, they are getting materials at the lowest price. So that you will also get an aesthetic look of your house on a low budget.

3. Hassle Free Decoration, No More Headache for You

It happens sometimes you buy wrong designs, colors, sometimes mismatching decor things. Its big headache to choose the right products, ordering, returning, reordering and its time consuming too. It’s good if you handover your space to the best interior designer they will take care of all these kinds of stuff and make the best design out of their experience.

4. Looks Matter that should be Inviting

If you hire a good interior designer then they will make a good combination of color and designs. And they will utilize every bit of your house space so that it looks lavish and comfortable too. When you walk through your home it will be pleasing, inviting, enchanting, and eye-soothing too. You will feel convenient, not a hindrance.

5. Right assessment of your space and budget

Professional interior designers are using different software so that they can make you visualize how your home will look like. They will also assess your space and provide you the best design in your budget.

So if you own a new home or want to renovate your home then must hire a good interior designer to decorate your dream home. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and smart interior designer in Noida then you can choose an expert designer from Optus Interiors.