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A Home is once in a lifetime Dream! So, it must run lifetime!

Raw Materials

Action Tesa BOLIO Board

Action TESA Bolio

A Board by Action TESA which is Waterproof, Termite Proof, Fungal Resistance and it is the latest technology available in Boards Segments
Century Sainik Side Look

Century Sainik Boards.

For better results and perfect finishing we use Century Sainik and if you are aware of it then you probably how much good this board is.

HDHMR (High Density High Moisture Resistance Board)

HDHMR - A Quality Board which is an updated version of MDF.

Machine Fixed PVC Tape

PVC Tapes adds a star to the processed Product and another star when it is done with machinery.

The Better They Look!
The Better They Feel!
The Better They Outside!
The Perfect They Inside!

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