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This is our manufacturing plant where we make all our products. The Key to Growth is Changing With Time and Hence Optus Interiors have shifted all its operations from the labour intensive to the capital intensive technique and thus all our goods are finished on machines which results in better finishing and quality products.

Also, our operations are now done mostly in factory rather than at site as we do all the manufacturing at machines and only assembling at site.

And we keep updating and evolving our products with new features time by time because evolution change is the key to evolution and at Optus we make sure to provide you with the latest and top notch technology available.

Optus Interiors is one of the best interior designer and furniture manufacture situated in Noida and we can surely say that you won’t be dissatisfied with our work. Home Decor Opt-Us!

Our Machinery


This Machine is used in finishing the sides of our products. Its function is to paste the PVC Tape on the edges of the finished board with a strong factory glue so that it stays intact forever.


The function of this machine is to cut wooden boards/ ply etc. This machines helps in giving better and precise finishing to the raw material - something which isn't possible


This machine's function is to paste the laminate on the board/ply by putting a tons of wight on it using high voltage motors. The resultant product on this machine is a perfectly pasted laminate on a board with no external flaws


This machine's function is to join two boards in a way that the requirement of screws will become very less and hence the strength of the resultant box will be much more.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine

This machine is highly advanced in its operations. The function of the CNC Machine is to do engraving on the particular material in order to make custom designs.


The purpose of this compact machinery is very big. It is used to pin up the two objects together using nails with a very high compressed air pressure.

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