Elements Which makes a Perfect Home Interior

Interior Designer is not a person who just arranges the colors and shapes of space but he or she is someone who properly analyzes a space and places every element at their right place with the right sense and the right technique.

If you want to brief those certain elements of perfect home interior you can break them down into 7 elements which you can say are the core of beautification of a home.

• Color
• Light
• Shape
• Space
• Line
• Texture
• Pattern


home interior design

Color is not just a choice but it is much more than that. Every color has its meaning and your mood also gets affected by the color you see. For example, warm colors like yellow, orange, and red are considered energizing, positive, and passionate whereas cool colors like blue, green, and purple are a sign of calmness and relaxation.

So, don’t just choose colors to think about the energy too you will get from them.

Check out the meanings of other colors: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/01/color-theory-for-designers-part-1-the-meaning-of-color/


home decor lighting

The right lighting is everything for space. For instance, just imagine the moment when you were taking a photo and it got ruined just because of the lack of lighting.

A source of light can be both natural or artificial for space but it needs quality lighting. Also, one should focus on the color of the lighting as well (warm white, white, blue, etc.) and the intensity of it as well.


home decor style

The shape is another factor in which one’s concern is very important. Furniture, units, or any sort of object can be divided into two sorts of forms organic and geometric. Organic is one that is irregular and curvy and the geometric shape is one that is manmade with proper lines and edges.


spacious interior design style

While doing the designing one should understand that managing the space in the right manner is very important because there must be some pace left for navigation and the whole place shouldn’t look bulky. In technical terms there are two basic types:

• 2D Space
• 3D Space

2D constitute the length and breadth that is carpets, rugs, etc. and the in 3D space, height adds ups which are cupboards, units, etc.


Lines are the 2D layout of a shape. For instance, while doing planning for an object and we want to initiate its execution than for first is almost to draw its outline.

Vertical lines are a sign of boldness whereas horizontal lines express a feeling of security.

Even if we break down the structure of a building or any other object, we can surely divide them into lines.


interior design textures

The texture is the posture and feels of an object when a person touches it. For example, one can tell on the look of furniture whether it is vintage or not. How? Because of its texture.

Right Texture placed at the right thing is a very important consideration.


interior design patterns

Last but not least in our list is Pattern. The pattern is made from repetitive use of lines, designs, and sometimes stickers. It is usually made on wallpapers and you can also find them on wall stickers or fabrics for your couch

Design Your Space:

All the above elements when used appropriately can make a perfect interior designer.

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